Time passes on

As an adult I have always thought of my self as a forward thinking conservative. There in lies my first clue.

The realization that I was a somewhat conservative liberal was a big shock to me. It seems I was clueless. Everyone who really knows me has known that I am no conservative, I was the last to know.

It begs the question, when did I become a liberal?

I grew up in a small conservative farming community in the central valley in California. I was brought up to believe in God and the United States as the best place to live. (these are values that still believe with all of my heart.)

My dad was a Deputy Sheriff all of my growing up years. He had to deal with some bad people and saw horrible things that people can do to each other. But he did it because it was a job he believed in, and it helped to keep his girls safe. Every night he locked his service revolver  in a box and placed it in the top of the closet, way in the back where it couldn’t be seen. He protected his girls. We knew that no matter how beautiful a weapon may be, it was not and will never be a toy. Weapons were to be respected and brought out only if there was a true threat and the need to use it was real.

I was always the one to ask the hard questions that either completely insulted or on many occasions baffled the person I was asking.

One of each occasion come to mind. The first was during a Sunday School lesson, we were learning about Adam and Eves family. The teacher spoke of the women that Adams sons married. My question was” Where did their wives come from?” There was no answer, I proceeded to dig a bigger whole. “Could they have come from the land of Nod? If they married anyone else it would be considered incest. Maybe the world was created in both ways, creation and evolution”. (I was 13 years old people). I never did get my answer, from anyone.

The next question I recall wasn’t really a question, I made a statement questioning the use of the death penalty. My poor mom came unglued, she carried on about how if I didn’t believe in the death penalty everything my dad was fighting for was for nothing. I never questioned her again.

What I’m saying , people, is that I think I have always been a rebel in my own way, I was blessed to find a someone who let me believe what I wanted and let me think that I was a conservative until about 8 years ago when that penny dropped.

Do not get me wrong, I still have a very strong belief in family, whether they a “blood” or a God given blessing. I believe that right is right. We all have rights, nobodies rights are more important then anybody else’s . That is something some groups seem to forget.

If you don’t like what I say, that is your right. I am entitled to my opinions as are you, They are only my opinions, I’m just looking back at the making of a liberal heart

Hello,I’m back, again.

I have been away for along time, things have changed on this blog spot as well as in my life.

I woke up this morning feeling more positive  then I have in a long time, and wondered if I could still access my blog and if I had anything to say.

Well, I can tell that our long prayed for move was accomplished last September, we are now living in the same town, kind of, as our kids and our granddaughter.  It took us longer to get here then we wanted but, it’s all good.

We have experienced our first winter without snow up to our hips in 15 years, although the Midwest has suffered from too many tornadoes to think about, rainstorms and high winds too, we haven’t had to even think about running to basement (we don’t even have one) yet this spring/summer.  Yes it rains all of the time but who cares, it usually falls straight down and it isn’t frozen.

Bob is getting back into his golf game and we have been able to see family members that we haven’t been able to visit with in a very long time.

We have been very happy here, except for the loss of a beloved friend all has been well.

So I end this post today, having said nothing and giving you no information or reason to return, except to say I will be trying again, maybe I’ll think of something worth saying nest time.

Introspection or pity party

I have spent quit a bit of time over the past few years looking back at my life. Trying to figure out where things went sideways and wondering why some things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.

What these problems and the answers are, is irrelevant.

I identified a few problems and tried to figure them out, guess what, it happened in the past and there is nothing that can be done about it. I’m not saying we don’t need to look back over our lives, sometimes just pinpointing an issue fixes it or helps to understand why you feel the way you do. That is half of the problem solved.

However, at some point all of this introspection can turn into a pity party and that my friends, is counter productive.

Maybe someone in your life wasn’t what you thought they should be. Guess what? They may have been the best they could be. They may not have understood your needs, or weren’t capable of being what you needed. Were you what they needed or thought you should be? Most people can only be or do what they know how to be.

To those people in my life have have bored to tears with my self pity and whining, I am truly sorry. I have learned that the only person I have the right to be disappointed in is me. I am the only person that can control what I am and what I do.

To my long suffering husband who gallantly put up with my introspection (pity party) thanks for your patience, support and abiding love. I thank God for him everyday, okay most days.

Thanks to family members who knew my sadness and anger and always helped me with their prayers and for just loving me. Your love help get me through this. It is good to feel whole again.

To those of you who have checked in here from time to time, I thank you just for being you!

To coupon or not?

Out of curiosity I have been watching the coupon clipping show on the TLC channel. I guess there is merit to this madness, but I just don’t see much real value in it, for us anyway.

There was a time when we could find good coupons that worked for us, in fact the coupons used to pay for our newspaper subscription. Not anymore, I rarely find any usable coupons in the paper, and they sure don’t pay for the paper.

One woman pays $2000.00 a year for newspapers, plus she has her store card that she loads from her computer for cents off coupons, in fact she has 5 computers she to print paper coupons, she is only allowed to print 2 coupons per product, per computer. She puts in 60 hours a week accumulating and arranging these coupons in her binders, and setting up her plan of attack. That is a lot of work. If it saves you money that is great. Some items she get free, walking out of the store having paid $22.00 for $500.00 worth of groceries.

That sounds great, but the items that are purchases make me wonder about this madness. Flavored water, frozen pizza, candy bars, cookie mix packages, and cake mixes, any brand of whatever as long as there is a coupon.

We drink tap water, the price is included in our water bill, frozen pizza hasn’t entered my house in many years, its nasty and has junk it in you can’t pronounce, we make our own for a lot less and it takes no time, plus we know what is in it and it tastes good, cookies mixes, you still have to add other ingredients and they still have unpronounceable chemicals and stuff in them. I admit that I use cake mixes, I used to cook everything from scratch, but the mixes are good and a lot easier to use, not to mention that they rarely fail and your clean up is a breeze.

A thousand rolls of paper products that cost nothing. Sorry, I like to be able to depend on my toilet paper. Single ply isn’t cheaper if you have to use twice as much, even if it was free, besides that is not thinking green.

Storage of these items? One lady has no garage to put her car in because it is full of groceries. She brags that she has the most popular house on the block, the kids can eat anything they want. Another lady has a third bathroom shower that is unusable because it is full of paper products, one woman keeps her paper products under her children’s crib and beds, I wonder about fire safety, if there is a basement, it too is full, their houses look more like store then homes.

100’s of boxes of cereal, cans of soup, personal products just waiting. One woman has a system that helps her use the oldest stuff first, good for her. For some, if their products get old they invite their neighbors and friend to shop .

However, there is one couple and a single gentleman who have won my heart and my respect. They work hard collecting their coupons planning, their shopping strategy and sharing their bounty. The couple puts most of their efforts into supplying a local kitchen that serves 3 rounds of breakfast to the homeless each day. They set up care packages for homeless shelters and people in areas that who suffered a disaster. The gentleman donates his work and products to care packages that he sends overseas to our military forces and other people in need. In these cases I guess brand doesn’t matter, packages from home are a comfort and can lighten a heavy heart.

I guess there can be value in couponing, but a lot of it looks like plan old hoarding to me, it depends on what your trying to accomplish. I guess if we have a nuclear disaster some people will eat.

For Mom

Mom and me on the carousel, around 1952, don’t know where it was, just that her arms were around me.

In the past I have been known to go into one of my scrapbooking project to steal a photo or two. I choose to do this today.

This will be our first Mothers Day without Mom. It hasn’t been an easy year. We have learned that life will continue whether we suffer a personal loss or an overwhelming joy. Both happened this year, and within just a few days of each other. We are learning to get on with life, because life goes on.

I will never tell you that mom and I were best buddies, but she was my mom and I loved her and still miss her. I still finds myself reaching for the phone, then realizing that she isn’t there. I know Dad would love to hear my voice, but it just isn’t the same.

So this years I say Happy Mothers Day here. I love you Mom.

A New Begining

I wrote my last post in October 2010. I have missed blogging very much. I finally figured out that this is something that I do for me. It is not anybodies business but mine what I write here. I have never said anything hurtful or mean about anyone. Mostly I poke fun at myself and my past. If you don’t like what I have to say, Go Away. “YOU” will never be mentioned again.

I started writing this blog because as child and younger person I was never been able to string together three words on paper that even I wanted to read. My imagination kept the words in my head and nothing would flow thought the pen. I’m not saying that I am a Steinbeck or Pearl S. Buck, but I really enjoyed writing here. It is for ME! I just wanted to see if I could do it. So I will begin again. Lets face it, most of you gave up on me along time ago. Can’t say that I blame you, I gave up on me too. So, whether you show up or not I’ll be here from time to time. Thanks my friends!


How many of you have one of these treasures hidden away. The guy went around neighborhoods with his pony and costume taking photos like these. Anyone from my home town could possibly have one tucked away.